Goose, geese.
Juice, jeice.
Moose, meese.

This is how prurals work.
Hey kids, look at all those meese in that field!
by chickenstealer September 25, 2020
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Originally a misspelling of missed, now turned into a word meaning hit, or whack.
I am gonna meese Joey today.
by Meeser December 16, 2021
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Gee Willickers Marv look at all those Meese over dere
by LildickLewis October 29, 2018
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The REAL plural of moose. no matter what your mom or all of your friends say, they are LYING TO YOU when they tell you "meese" is not the plural of moose.
Diana: "What is the plural of moose?"
Sammie: "Meese!"
Diana: "No it's not!"
Sammie: "YES IT IS."
... and so on.
by diana shelby September 9, 2008
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The plural of moose because they have rights

Why is the plural of goose, geese yet the plural of moose, meese this must be changed
The herd of meese grazed the land
by No........ November 18, 2020
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noun, plural of 'moose'
Look at those meese in my backyard!
by Shinizzle December 17, 2006
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