A pattern that helps animals blend in and humans stand out.
She made a bold statement by wearing leopard print from head to toe.
by shamelesscatlady August 16, 2017
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anything that is leopard print can be described as "whore"
whore bra leopard print bra
whore brush leopard print brush
whore nail file leopard print nail file
by loz333 April 7, 2008
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Leopard Print is officially recognised as a color and has been certified as such by the Coalition of International Color Councils of all OECD and Supporting Nations.
by The Big 4 Mentalist December 29, 2021
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A sexual act between two people, where one person goes for a shit and doesn't wipe. Meanwhile their partner gets down on all fours. After the first person has finished their shit, they squat over their partner and spread their bum cheeks, then dip up and down while printing "leopard" like spots on their back.
Boyfriend - "Your back is like a blank canvas"

Girlfriend - "it's ready for some leopard printing"
by Man-Leopard April 16, 2011
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Could be a Stripper's name.

(Hope you enjoy more of my play-on

words & rhyme combinations)
(LOL TBH... I have no a clue 4 a sentence)

1. I can't think of a sentence with Leopard Print Pussy

*Laziness grows*

by SwankieMlNX July 22, 2022
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