When a girl jerks you and your friend off when your on either side of her, her up and down motions resemble a skier using ski poles
Hey did u guys get a piece or what?
Yeah she ski poled us but nothin else
by Bill B April 24, 2003
when a girl beats off two guys in a jerking motion like skiing
You this beat fresman slut named sarah ski poled a couple fags last night, ones a canisus fag
by Mrs.Newrighter November 16, 2007
riding in the middle of two people in the back or front seat.
by e nigma99999 March 26, 2011
When one girl give two simultaneous handjobs to two men.
*Ergo, "Night Ski Poling" occurs when each man is unaware that the other is receiving a hand as well.
Danielle went ski poling with Latham and Ferris.
by BDubbz David Moreass December 16, 2003
A nickname given to any girl who has been known to simultaneously jerk off two guys sitting either side of her.
I hope ski poles is coming on our next excursion, Jack.
She sure made the bus trip a highlight last time.
by tweeter27 June 12, 2006
1. The actual act of giving two dudes hand jobs, simultaneously.

2. More commonly used in reference to the location of ones girlfriend when in all actuality you have no idea where she is.

3. A way for someone to move up the ladder of life, often seen in corporate America.
1. Did you hear about Ashley, she was caught Ski Poling some guys in the bathroom.

2. A:Dude where your woman?
B:I don't know, probably Ski Poling some dudes for jager shots.

3. A: Damn, Ashley is moving right up in the world.
B: It's amazing what you can accomplish when you ski pole old dudes!
by DFaFH June 11, 2007
Dave Hoagrbe directing traffick
what the hell is he doing directing trafick or jerking someone off?

nah thats just ski poles dave.. he does that all the time
by Hoagrbee October 13, 2008