It has to be said sarcastically
(John):Ar man i just got a fiver of my dad
(Me):Buy a teenth
(John):Yes alright then
(Me):Very Good
by Jamie McDowell October 18, 2005
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Very good sir derives from the commonly spoken word of agreement used by butlers and chauffeurs.
Man: I just won $1,000 in the lottery, Chives.
Chives the Butler: Very good sir.
Man: Take me to the theatre, Charles.
Charles the Limo Driver: Very good sir
by ParadigmRemix May 02, 2010
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Very good person is Trumpspeak for an absolute shitbag.
Even though he is on trial for 18 felony counts, he is a very good person.
by Gonzo2020 August 17, 2018
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When your friend lets you lie butt naked on their clean bedsheets.
Matthew and I really evolved our friendship the other day, before we were just good friends, but after what we did we now consider ourself Very Good Friends.
by notmarounhindy February 13, 2021
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A name given to someone with an overinflated ego, or a person who simply thinks they are better than everyone else.
1) Hey look it's the 'very cool and good looking' group
2) Yeah, he's 'very cool and good looking'
by TheMagicHorse November 04, 2011
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