stop! i could’ve dropped my croissant
by wowza666 June 8, 2019
The type of pastry a person is most likely to lose grip of.
Stop! I could’ve dropped my croissant!
by saltytears November 24, 2020
A pastry that took the french years to make and sell
and then the Americans slapped some cheese and ham on it (in five seconds) and made 1000000000$
don't be an American and ruin my croissant
by aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! January 7, 2020
1)where a woman lies in the fetal position and then male fucks her
2)a hairy french girl,jizzing on top of a crissant in which she eats at a later time
She layed there looking like a croissant while her boyfriend fucked her for 3 minutes.
by jesus fuck shit July 31, 2006
The word that angry French artists shout when they screw up their artwork.
by sidney.shrek November 16, 2017
A savory French pastry, coincidentally Kanye West's life blood and only thing he eats.
"They haven't sent croissants to New Orleans? George Busch doesn't care about black people" -Kanye West
by Tswift June 27, 2013