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n. slang. Chinese food. (usually a buffet or takeout)
Let's go to China Moon and get some fucking chink chow!
by PeeAchEyeEll October 16, 2006

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adj. The absolute hottest a shower's water can get.
Man, my balls were cold so I took a simon-hot shower. Now my pubic hair has been seared off.
by PeeAchEyeEll October 16, 2006

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n. A corpse of a fly.
This fly is dead, it is now a flown.
by PeeAchEyeEll June 08, 2007

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a young woman that is relatively attractive that has a subconscious habit of picking "ugly" friends to reassure herself of her attractiveness in social atmospheres.

Gloria always hangs out with the ugly girls, she is undoubtedly a heifer herder.
by Peeacheyeell February 19, 2011

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n. A large military style tank used by an average North American family to do mundane tasks such as drive children to sports events and/or pay a vist to your local Walmart.
Brenda needed to get to her friend's house in a jiffy. She just started up her family tank.
by Peeacheyeell September 09, 2006

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The act of messaging a friend or friends from the throne (toilet) by means of a text messaging device in order to multi-task and save valuable time.
Scott text-messaged Gina from the toilet to save time in his busy day. He is a throne messenger.
by PeeAchEyeEll May 16, 2007

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n. A undercover name given to a girl that works in a mostly black environment.
Sally assumed the name of Wahkeshia while working at her local KFC to help her fit in with the crowd.
by Peeacheyeell September 20, 2006

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