also 'choppin'

To flirt. Often used with incorrect grammar.
Frank: Oooooh, Jimmy be choppin'!

Jimmy: Frank, for the last time, she's my sister. I am not chopping.
by Mr. Lemon October 20, 2009
"Yo man, I'm chopping again call me"

"What you got?"

"The boom shit"
by TheRussian July 27, 2006
The act of having vigorous sex.
Lane was chopping away at the pooh nanner.
by pj November 27, 2004
Yo I heard you were caught chopping that chick behind the bleachers.
by blhahdsrf October 17, 2011
chopping a.k.a. jerking of
and all the other synonyms ......
by caius January 27, 2005
1. attempting to fix a haircut that you don't like by cutting it yourself

2. when you are really bored of your hair, changing it by cutting it yourself and cutting random or crazy peices and bangs
1. Nice haircut, I really love your bangs. All those random peices are so cool.
Thanks. At first I had this totally boring haircut, but then I went home spent an hour chopping it, so now it's cool.

2. I like your bangs, but weren't they longer yesterday?
Yeah, I got bored so I chopped them.

by Tessa November 7, 2007
when something is chopping you it means its better than yours.

"That car is chopping you"
by Lmp133 November 9, 2005