An airplane cabin we peasants will never be able to get into, simply because we are too broke to even fly often to get the miles required for the upgrade.
I'm too broke to even have a chance to fly business class and have to suffer in the barn also known as economy class...
by A dying goat August 6, 2020
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adj., describes a person, especially female, that dates people for their money; a person who is stuck up and expensive to date; a person who can't fly coach; a high maintenance girlfriend or wife (from the movie 'Swingers')
"Stay away from her, she's Business Class"
by Zen Master Vex December 1, 2002
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adj. Fucking awesome; connotes a general high value appreciable to many and attained by few.
damn, that girl is business class!
by Ali B indahouse April 26, 2007
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The half-assed attempt by European airlines to offer a premium airline seat by sticking a fucking piece of plastic between two economy class seats. Snobby business pricks who sit at the front of the plane still get to sip on a drink and judge the masses as they are herded to the back of the cabin, however they must be confined to the same inhuman space and rancid hot-pocket meal as everyone else.

Did you see Bill, that lucky bastard got upgraded to first class?

Yeah, but its Europe, so he will walk off the plane with hemorrhoids and mud-butt like everyone else. Socialist business class ensures everyone is treated like shit.
Any European flight has socialist business class
by El el fetches October 26, 2013
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Business class is so boring. I’m writing this in business class. Business class is SO boring that I’m writing an Urban Dictionary definition about it to help relieve bordom in the class. It’s not working.
It’s SO boring that I was just touring Penny Lane in Google Street View.
by Hi, I'm Steve January 22, 2019
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