For a girl to sit on a guy's lap facing him while they kiss.
'Were you guys standing or did you bench him?'
by sherlockedgirl April 7, 2015
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For a girl to sit on a fellas lap while shiftin him
A: Did you hear that Ariana benched that Dion lad last night?
B: Yeah, she's a whore
A: You're just jealous that youve never shifted anyone yet, you frigid
by ishaggedyourgirl69 March 18, 2018
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Used to replace the word bitch when arround children or other people who you know are offended by swear words.
Look out! She'll go all bench on you.
by wild_prairie_gal September 24, 2008
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Bench litrerally means; "Bare-Hench" A combination of 2 frequently used words in UK sub cultures, Bare (taken from the Chav section of society) and Hench (taken from the Metler other half)
That sandwich is Bench!

or can be used in it's full form as follows;

That sandwich is Bare-Hench!!
by Owen April 5, 2005
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a little hippy who lives in bradford eating lentils, rolling cigs and singing silly songs. Also known as Neb
BENCH! Get out of that tree you hippy!!
by nomio February 21, 2004
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Benching is when you start dating someone you think is nice and who has potential, but you're not crazy about them. You don't know wether to keep dating them, or dump them and move on to the next one. This is where benching happens; instead of going for either of the above polarized options, you put your date in your mental 'maybe' folder and 'bench them' so you date around to see what else is out there.
Sarah: How's your dating life going, Jill, weren't you seeing that guy Jack?
Jill: Yeah I am, sort of. He's just ok, so I've been benching him and dating around more.

John: Hey Jack, how are things going with that girl Jill you're dating?
Jack: Idk man, I know she's seeing other guys, and I think I've been benched.
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when you are already in a relationship, "the bench" is all the people that are interested in you and waiting for you guys to break up, so they can have have a shot. Also known as "second stringers."
I posted a pic of me today and all the guys from the bench like it. My boyfriend got jealous.
by bugattiprincess August 1, 2015
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