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Rasputin" Hannah give me a jalopy for my birth day comrade"
by Otto January 30, 2017
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Real Time in the Nunavut Territory.
An automotive reference to the speed of events, especially those effected by Natures's still dominant presence in that Canadian Territory.
The crew was in "Nunavut gear", next to neutral, waiting for a plane that can not fly in current conditions.
by Otto December 27, 2005
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usualy a beatiful girl. leeds you on. acts all sweet and nice. makes you think they realy like you. then when you fall completely head over heals in love with them... they kill it. they stomp all over your feelings. and completely fuck you up. takes months to get over it but it can completely fuck up a mans life.
Damn i was so in love with her... but she turned out to just be a man eating bitch.
by Otto January 24, 2005
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Really fucked up, only to be used if:
1. you are really stoned and drunk
2. are in a humerous situation
by Otto November 3, 2003
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