Also known as a Jan Bunsen. A woman with abnormal abundance of facial hair; beard stubble.
I felt guilty shaving, when I knew that a Bunsen at Toys 'R Us needed the Gilette a little more.

I have to shave to get rid of my Bunsen.
by otto November 12, 2004
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A term used to describe something that is awesome, hot (visually) or "cool". From the inventor of the Bunsen Burner, Robert Wilhelm Bunsen.
"Did you see that chick who just passed by us? Man, that bitch was lookin' Bunsen!"

"Ever play the game dummy-sticks dogg? That game is so fucking Bunsen!"
by SluiceGoose October 10, 2006
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to walk around between 1 and 6 am, to find open cars with valuables to be sold usually by drug fenes who are desperate for cash
we need sum biks, lets go on a bunsen
by off guts November 23, 2008
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When a boy is simping so hard, he brings the girl to bunsen, a high lavish burger joint and spends over €50 on her meal. The next day she ghosts him and never responds to his messages
Guys did you hear about Toms date! He brought Romy out for dinner. What a bunsen beour
by DanTheMan126969 August 26, 2020
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Cockney slang for "nice little earner"

Meaning a task where the financial payoff exceeds the effort involved.

Shortened to "Buns" by Ricky Gervais in "The Office" much to the bewilderment of those present.
Doing some overtime tonight, pays double time, should be a bunsen burner mate.
by Grug February 11, 2005
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When you stick your dick in alcohol and light it on fire.
James uses his Bunsen boner to heat his solution.
by Dr. HOFBrICl December 11, 2021
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derek and travis p fuck in the chem lab
Look at the bunsen boys go.
by bruhtaintman January 24, 2018
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