Abbreviation of the word "fucking" used where you don't want to the F-word, like in front of kids or grandparents.
Preferably used with the word "thing" or other words ending with "-ing".
Nice fing thing, brah!
You look absolutely fing bling amazing!
by COCO_ONE May 14, 2021
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Oh, there they go.
by Otto May 25, 2004
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to make, do, or manipulate something. From the Latin verb "Fingere", meaning to shape or create. This is what fingers do.
I have to finish finging these vases, but then we can brochillax.

I wondered what all the ridence was about, and then I saw George mugging and trying to fing gang signs and I joined right in. LOL!
by That Dance Guy February 25, 2010
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when your so baked, you look down at your fingers and wonder why the hell they call them fingers and not phalanges.
they call them fingers but i never see them fing. oh, there they go.
by ladeeum January 9, 2007
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Fing is a word used by those too lazy to write effing.
I overheard the shop proprietor refer to a lazy assistant as an fing so and so.
by St. Ias November 1, 2005
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An obtuse contraction of "fucking." Can be used in general conversation without implying a profanity or an obscenity

Replaces the obvious: "frigging," "fricking," or "freaking."

Not in a recent--2004/5--best-selling, fiction novel.
That "fing" guy is talking over my intelligent conversation.
by Vetzi Cantarini February 16, 2005
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Verb; to move ones fingers in a rapid motion, or to move ones hands in a rapid motion.
"She made me nervouse; the anxiety made me fing"
by Spyder Edwards December 3, 2004
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