24 definition by Orange

Ashley Rosen: The mostest speacial person in the world; being more speacial than anything else.
Everday Ashley proves to me that she is the most speacialest person in the world.
by orange March 12, 2005

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Slang used by pedophiles to mean little boys.
Your kid is a Tastyhumanburger
by Orange September 25, 2003

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a thing made up by parents so that their kids will idolize him and become fat and red and stupid. than when they find he's not real, they go into denial and eat even more and then blow up.
Mom:hey fatty, santa told me to tell you that the only way youll get your presents is if you eat a lot.
Fatty:mom im soo full though.
Fatty:ok ok i'm sorrryy....BOOOOOM!!
Mom:HAhahaha WooHoo!
Father:Wow that was a bigger explosion than te last one.
Mom:Dum shits
by orange March 12, 2005

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(Ashley Rosen)
having no flaws. unable to make better. two destined for one another. perfect match. complete love within two.
Ashley Rosen and Kevin Camara are the most perfect couple in the world.
Ash your all i need and all i could ever want. I Love You sooooo Much!!
Monkey loves you!!
by orange March 13, 2005

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one who spends most of his time in his room at his coputer looking at porn and jcking off. his only source of action from another human is usually sluts who only do them cause they have no morals.
Perve: hey can i touch your boobs
Girl:who the fuck are you
Perve:i'm arnold and your hot.
Girl:SLAP. fuckin perve. go jack off.
Perve:(as she walks away)but i already did that today.
by orange March 13, 2005

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(not referring to jewish americans)
people with really small eyes and a really big brain. one who white lazy people take advantage of.
them japs think their sooo cool with their kung foo skillz.
by orange March 13, 2005

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something really fun to do to stuff that dont really matter to you. or some one who doesnt matter to you.
Me: hey Fag
Prep: what?
Prep:AAHHH omg you stabbed me. owie. im gonna die. NOO!!
Me: i stabbed you in the arm you gay dumass, your not gonna die. unfortunatly. (no offense to any prps out there) (i wouldnt kill you)
by orange March 12, 2005

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