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Shorthand for "fucking," pronounced as "fucken." Used primarily in IRC chatrooms or IM conversations.
"r u out of yr fukn mind!?"

"u rly r out of yr fukn mind!"
by b00zy September 22, 2005
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Pronounced "fyooken;" used as a placeholder for "fucking," much like "freaking." Originates from Gooby of the Uncle Dolan Show. Lies between "fucking" and "freaking" on the severity scale, should not be said to an authority figure.
This fukn antiperspirant doesn't fukn work. My fukn pits smell like hot fukn garbage.

r u fukn serius dolan
by Captain Ironears December 03, 2012
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A lazy way to spell "fucking" that can be counted as shorthand.
Luis: "What does this mean?"
Riley: "Oh, fuk'n means fucking."
Luis: "You're a fucking retard."
by ahsumnis March 31, 2011
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