A word commonly used by small children or infants to describe a wound.
Mommy! I got an owie!
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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a word that embodies every emotion that can possibly be felt by a human being. it describes joy, sadness, pain, anger, disgust, apprehension, and infinitely more. it is the ultimate word, and only true intellectuals can understand the breadth of its meaning and application. it is both versatile and expressive, simple yet rich. it is owie.
Person 1: I got into Baylor University!
Person 2: Oh my God, dude, that's so owie! I'm so happy for you!

Person A: Hey, man, did you hear that the teacher isn't curving the grades this semester.
Person B: Yeah, bro, that's a big owie right there.
by arabaphrodite December 12, 2019
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A nickname for a girl named Olivia. Pronounced Oh-wee.
Chick: I was with Owie at the time.
Dude: Who? I thought her name was Olivia?
Chick: Owie's her nickname.
by ARE ANY NAMES NOT USED? April 26, 2009
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What wooper says when it is decapitated by a kabutops.
by Cortho3 March 23, 2003
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Another acronym for drunk driving is OWI, or operating while intoxicated. Similar to OUI, the operative word is “operating”.
I just got sentenced to 7 days in prison for my second OWI offense.
by WoLF February 2, 2007
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An expression used in response to something that caused pain
by chinese monkey July 24, 2008
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