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Capricious and whimsical; CRAZY
Joe: That concert was so madcap
Bo: Totally
by Orange April 09, 2005

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a stupid word for the hole in an ass.
Your mom takes it up the poopshoot
by orange March 13, 2005

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70's punk band...shut up people. you like them or you dont, nobody really cares what you think of them. you can insult them all you want, see if i care, but either way, "punk" is not caring about what anybody else says. so theres no point in saying anything.
r.i.p. sid vicious
by Orange January 03, 2004

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being not short. its that simple.
hah the first one is really cool. what i would be if i were in japan. haha thats was great. i give him props.
any way my example is oompa loompas are not tall.
by orange March 12, 2005

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Ashley's term for Airport. a cross between a trainstation and an airport.
Kevin:Where is your sis comiing in from.
Ash: Well me and my mom have to get to the plane station at 7 cause her flight comes in at 8.
Kevin: Plane station?
by orange March 12, 2005

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so on and so forth, etc, who really cares?
and she was like "dont do that! thats bad and rah rah rah" does the lady ever shut up?
by Orange September 04, 2003

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A racial slur against the general Caucasian population. Most often applies to North Americans of mixed decent since they have no actual one ethnic background they are acutally "mutt" of European decent.
Man Dave is from Half Irish, Half British and Half Polish decent, he's a Euro-Mutt.
by Orange September 21, 2003

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