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A military term meaning "fuck it, got my orders". Used when someone wants you to do something but you are busy doing something else.
Figmo! I can't be bothered with you right now!
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006

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Extremely sweet mead. When mead is made with more honey than normal, it is called sack mead.
Woah, this sack mead is sweet!
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006

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Another word for going down on a woman. To get some lickety split is to eat pussy.
Lickety Split is also the title of a lesbian porn movie.
by OneBadAsp October 26, 2006

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To yield lamely or obsequiously.
I told you not to truckle to that salesmen's pitch! Now look, you have payed way too much for a computer that you could have gotten elsewhere for half the price.
by OneBadAsp November 02, 2006

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Deuce is a 50's slang term for any of the Ford Model B vehicles and most commonly used as a nickname for the 1934 coupe. Many know it best from the Beach Boys' 1963 hit Little Deuce Coupe but the car was also featured years later in George Lucas' film American Graffiti.
Ever wonder what Bruce Springsteen meant when he referred to a "deuce" in his hit song Blinded by the Light?
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006

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Any of various brightly colored Australasian parrots having a tongue with a brushlike tip that is used to feed on nectar and pollen. There are about 30 some species some of which are endangered.

I once wanted a Chattering Lory as a Pet, but fell in love with a baby Rainbow Lorikeet instead.
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006

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Creating sculptures out of living trees by encouraging them to grow in certain ways that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
I have seen some beautiful examples of arborsculpture.
by OneBadAsp October 27, 2006

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