Often used as an insult and racial slur against White folks who live in the country. A hillbilly is a person who lives in a remote, rural area in the South, often in the Appalachian (Or sometimes Ozark) Mountains and therefore is isolated and somewhat out of touch with modern culture.

The stereotype of a hillbilly is a person who: Is a White Southerner who owns a shotgun, goes barefoot, wears a worn out floppy hat, drinks moonshine and whiskey which he makes himself, plays the banjo or fiddle, drives old beat up pick up trucks, has bad teeth, is poorly educated, has long a beard, wears worn out clothes and hand me downs, and is happy and content with what they have.

Just because someone is a hillbilly doesn't mean that they fit the hillbilly stereotype listed above.

Contrary to some of the other entries, hillbillies don’t live in trailer parks; they can’t otherwise they wouldn’t be isolated from modern culture and therefore would not be a hillbilly. They don’t eat road kill; many are actually farmers and hunt for their food, they don’t pick it off the side of the road. Also, hillbillies don’t go around sodomizing people, that is a fictional movie Deliverance which has contributed too many of the negative stereotypes.
A Redneck lives in trailer park and goes on the Jerry Springer show; a Hillbilly lives in a shack or cabin out in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t even have a TV.
by OneBadAsp October 25, 2006
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Similar to a redneck but less drunk and obnoxious, nor imbred. See, our trucks are for getting around and exploring the mountains on the back roads, redneck trucks are eye candy that is more expensive than what is reasonable for there income.

Hillbillies are not ignorant, and some may even have education.

Redneck idiots knock up there 2nd cousins and the result is a child with physical and mental illness, whereas hillbillies wear a condom.

Simple. Why complicate shituff.

Rednecks waste 20 bucks on a 12 pack, whereas we spend 20 bucks on sugar and yeast and end up with hooch for 2 for weeks.

Some people call us cheap, but a more hillbilly way of saying that is called thrifty or financially savy.
Opinionated, but these opinions derived from observation and experience.

Not all of us are yanks, some of us are canuckleheads. Our home and native land, eh.
When something is jerry rigged or put together creatively out of other things, it is a hillbilly rig.
I stepped into his shower and he had hillbilly rigged a lawn sprinkler to the pipe as a shower head. True story

I had to hillbilly rig 3 fucked stereos together to get sound from the speakers.
by Eh420 August 15, 2016
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Nice hardworking people that live in or are from Appalachia or the Ozarks who are misunderstood

Examples of how a hillbilly is portrayed
barefoot, trigger happy, Inbred, lazy, isolated, people who live in run down homes and wear old clothes

A real modern hillbilly
Kind people that can live in towns and cities or isolated in the mountains ,but still not disconnected from society, Generally own a few cars, sometimes own farms and are honest workers who are proud of who they are, but they are still stubborn and can be very poor.
Guy 1: Hey I just got a new hillbilly neighbor and I was thinking of throwing him a welcome party.
Guy 2: Do it!
Guy 1: knocks on hillbilly neighbor’s door
Hillbilly: Hello! I wasn’t expecting anyone coming over but I got some fruit, want some?
Guy 1: Actually I came to welcome you to the neighborhood

Hillbilly: Oh thank you! Come sit.
Guy 1: Thank you
*they have a conversation and they become friends
by Some random nice dude July 9, 2020
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A hillbilly is me
A hillbilly is proud of dirt roads and creeks
A hillbilly is all about kicking a friends members ass for shaming a name
A hillbilly makes a family.. blood or not
A hillbilly is not to proud to drag out the vacuum cleaner Crack open a beer wearing a moomoo getting ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner and sit a chair directly in front of that oven turn on vacuum and clean that oven out with the vacuum hose listening to my tunes as loud as possible...enjoying every second of life..as a hillbilly
Being a hillbilly is a rare breed we don't give one lick of another's thoughts we got God's grace and are full of farts
by PRETTY IN COPPER February 1, 2017
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White skinned, american who drives a pickup truck, watches nascar and takes his cousin out to eat at burgerking before he fucks her.
See also... Hillbillyredneckhick
by JARTAyMEDIA January 17, 2016
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People that love to drink moonshine and LOVE FUCKING THEIR COUSINS
We hillbilly bastards love moonshine and having sex with our cousins
by KoB king May 7, 2017
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A Poor Inbred Peckerwood crakkka who lives in the mountains and sleeps with their siblings and animals. Descendents of neantherthals. European from the caucus mountains.
1.Man fuck these hillbillies they smell like wet dogs and condoms filled with hotdog water.
2. These hillbilly crakkkas are the descendents of Neantherthals who slept in their own shit to stay warm while us Afrikans we're building pyramids and studying the stars.
by BomaniRealBlackGod November 14, 2018
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