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British slang for a cigarette butt. This term is most often used in the Merseyside and Manchester areas of northwest England.
"How disgraceful! People are just dropping their fag ends all over the sidewalk for others to step in!"
by Omniscientific October 22, 2020
A large, but kind, alpha male; usually from rural America. The term was popularized by 50's TV show, Bonanza.
Get the beer out; here comes Big Hoss!
by Omniscientific July 3, 2019
Someone who has never lived outside of their hometown or county. They often consider themselves to be popular members of the community, yet they are willfully ignorant of the fact that no one knows, or cares, who they are outside of their home turf. They also like to give life advice, although their life experience is based on only a handful of local towns and villages.
"Here comes Roger... another hick townie nobody."
by Omniscientific July 11, 2019