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Someone who is quick to call other people "posh cunts" and make fun of them for it, even if the accused in question is not particularly posh, and the accuser is not actually that poor.

The accuser, in 99% of cases, will think that they are hard and ghetto, and will make as much noise as possible in an exaggerated accent to try and prove it. However, their behaviour suddenly ceases and they become very sheepish when in the prescence of genuinely "ghetto" poor people.

Posh spotters can be either boys or girls.
Person 1 : "Ha ha, listen to you, ya posh cunt"
Person 2 : "...huh"
Person 3 : "Man, stop being such a fucking posh spotter. Everyone already thinks you're a prick"
by OiOiBoy July 2, 2006
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Includes wankers from places such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle.

Think they are solid but would get the fuck kicked out of them by the skinheads on the roadside if they even set foot in London. Let alone East London

Go the pub,
drink ten pints,
get completely plastered.
Come back home,
beat the wife,
you dirty northern bastard
North England is a fuckin fanny area, West Ham is gonna knock the fuck out of Liverpool this weekend
by OiOiBoy July 3, 2006
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The name given to Russian mobs.

Probably one of the most active and widespread criminal organisation(s) today. Have thought to be in posession of nuclear weapons, which are for sale to customers.

Their influence stretches from California to Tokyo.

Extremely violent.
I wouldn't go in there. The Russian Mafya own that club.
by OiOiBoy July 4, 2006
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A film set in west London about the day in the lives of three secondary school rudeboys. Has successfully made everyone outside of London think that the city is a complete and utter ghetto, and upon setting one foot inside its borders will result in an instant mugging. Has also taught some of the suburban kids in the rest of the UK some useful ghetto words (though are humorously inaccurate to the genuine urban London lifestyle, i.e. getting "banged up" means getting sent to prison, not being beaten up. The correct phrase is "banged out.")

An embaressment of a film in its glaring inaccuracy and dramatic license, though does in some way glamourise the miserable grind of life for teenagers living the low life in the impoverished urban sectors of London, which I guess is a good thing.

Also boosts the image of "white boys" in the urban scene, because "the one what robs the off license, he's quite hard, innit." Oh, the ghastly mortification of it all.
Suburban rich kid: "Hey blud man, I saw Kidulthood today. Safe blud innit brrrrap! You get me bruv!!!"
Urban council estate boy: "If we weren't in your home village of Andover, I would murder you."

Suburban rich kid: "Hey lets rob those kids for their gameboy, like Sam does in Kidulthood. Our daddies could easily afford 10 of them if we all but asked, but it'll make us look cool if we steal one."
Suburban rich kid: "Yes! and lets use really ghetto words too. It'll make us feel big inside."
by OiOiBoy August 19, 2006
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Rank in the fuedal system, one below baron and one above the general peasants.

Developed during the 800s in a kingdom covering France and a lot of the surrounding area, and rapidly spread to the rest of Europe as far east as Russia and as far south as Spain and Italy. Kings were finding they owned more land than they could control, so they gave vast expanses of it to barons (dukes, counts, etc) in return the barons would pay taxes to the king and would fight for him when it was demanded of them, and they must provide an agreed number of men. Barons are like the medieval equivilant of generals.

The barons continued to break up this land into smaller patches, which was controlled by a knight. The knight usually owned one or two villages in his land. The knight would tax the peasants in his land. In return for this, the knight must fight for their lord baron when called upon, and also pay taxes to him, exactly the same duties that the king expects from the barons.

The knight could be viewed as the medieval equivilant of captains/minor officers today. They recruited both men-at-arms (peasants aspiring to be honourable warriors) and archers (peasants that played the less honourable role of using bows/crossbows to fight,) and took these men with them when the baron called them to fight.

The knight is a trained killer. Taken from a family of high rank, the young knight (or "page") left home at about the age of 6 to live with another knight, or even a baron, in their manor or castle. For the first 4 or so years, they were taught manners, such as how to speak different languages or how to carve a roast. From the age of around 10, they were upgraded into "squires:" knights to be. Training as a squire was particulry difficult. By about the age of 18, the knight was a fully trained and honed killer, and was knighted by their master in a long knighting ceremony.

Knights from around 1100AD onwards were expected to follow a code of chivalry, which meant being polite to everyone and being generous to the poor. Knights are sometimes dramatised; many knights ignored the code and were simply ruthless, greedy killers. Most base rules were followed however: it was considered cowardly to use a bow, and it was also very dishonourable (and also a waste of ransom money) to kill a defenceless or surrendering opponent.

Contrary to popular belief, knights were NOT common soldiers in armour. Knights were men of rank, and it was rare to see huge armies of knights without a vast number of peasant infantry accompanying them. Sometimes the knights and men-at-arms would gather to lead the first wave, as it was their honour and right to do so, but as tactics became more and more important in medieval warfare this custom was less common.
Sir Vircotti, the Milanese knight, left his quiet manor and village to join his lord in a crusade to re-capture the holy land.
by OiOiBoy July 4, 2006
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One who uses the internet as a front for acting like a tough guy gang member, usually because they are hoping to gain the respect that they lack in their real life.

Sometimes say things like "ya'll white ass crackaz would get shot if ya came to my hood nigga" when they are really just a skinny, middle class white loser who lives with their mum in the suburbs.

For excellent examples of internet gangsters, check out Yahho chatrooms/groups/gangland room, and also YouTube.
That internet gangster is hilarious
by OiOiBoy July 8, 2006
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Involves constant throwing up and feeling extreme nausea and dizzyness for the rest of the night, possibly with continued vomiting later on. In more extreme cases, the person in question may experience hallucinations.

Occurs when someone smokes a lot of marijuana in a short period of time. Common amongst those who want to prove their masculinity somehow by smoking large amounts, usually through peer pressure.

Usually ruins the night for everyone else, as it means they must look after them and take them home. So people who green out often aren't very popular with the rest of the dope heads.
Person 1 : "Wheres he going? Oh no, he's greening out."
Person 2 : "For fucks sake, not again."
by OiOiBoy July 1, 2006
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