n. 1. Italians of families long known to reside in Milan, Italy. Characterized by their fair skin and brownish hair.
2. A resident of Milan, Italy. Characterized by their slumped shoulders, dead eyes, frantic pace, and stubborn insistence that Milan is a great place to live.
"I was waiting at Loreto for the Metro when a Milanese bastard damn near shoved me onto the tracks in his hurry to get by. Luckily, a pile of dogshit and broken syringes broke my fall. Why is this place considered a fashion capitol again?"
by Alecx Hunter July 20, 2005
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A cheap alternative to anal beads. Usually made from gnocchi held together with cassette tape.
His milanese beans were a tight but smooth fit and so much cheaper than anything you could get from Anne Summers.
by Cuksocker November 5, 2010
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