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Shoalton is a Titty Monster. Since he eats only blue footed boobies, peeing is the only way to keep him away from your JUNK!!
Shoalton will only turn gay at night. When he is gay he will steal makeup and clothes to put them up his butt. his best friend is Jimmy the rapist. If you approach the Titty Monster, he will SHART on his hands and start raping a monkey (he's learning from Jimmy the rapist).
MOMMY: "Shoalton stop stripping!"
HIM: NO mommy! It's what I like!!!"
by OLD MAN FANTASY!!!!! M and K August 26, 2017
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Why are you looking up this definition? You're obviously doing this right now... I can see that your work is not done and you need to chop chop my good man! Yeah you! NO! DON'T TYPE IN ANOTHER WORD UP THERE! DO YOUR WORK!!!
-_- -_- -_- -_- -_- I'm procrastinating right now actually. English class sucks (procrastination)
by OLD MAN FANTASY!!!!! M and K August 27, 2017
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Know as a magical land we’re known criminals voldy poo(Voldemort) and Harry Potter go to cut off nips. Further more this realm is filled with ice cream frosted Tittys and people livening there drive the clouds of vagina farts and live and castles of ass dust.
Voldemort: come on Harry let’s go to to land of titty flop.
Harry: ok (jumps on vagina fart and rides away)
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Have you ever had a dream. That you could, um, you would...you had a .....that you should....you could..you...you thought....you had...you could...you wanted to do it so much you could do anything? (That one vine)
“What was a cool dream you had?”

Annoying kid from vine: “well....have you...”
by OLD MAN FANTASY!!!!! M and K September 29, 2019
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Alright fuckoroos this is what a red neck would say. Rednecks are a group of people who can get take a bullet and heal in the time it takes to make whisky. They only have two sides drunk redneck and sorta drunk.

Redneck angered is ranked like this

6. Son of a gun!
5. Alllright bucko
4. You just hold your horses
3. Well now just wait a minute

2. News flash pal
1. Listen here buddy!
Dad: get yer shotgun we got coons again

Me: alright we gon get em this time

Friend: ya know you live like rednecks
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Airplane go neeeaarrerrerreeeeeeer
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