Someone's kid or your kid that doesn't ever shut up and talks a lot of nonsense.
The Ben is such annoying kid.
by Sweet amy January 4, 2017
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They say who.... asked every second they act like slenders on roblox they yell fornite battle pass every 5 minutes they have no friends they always be rubbin their hair
Person 1: I like...
Person 2: Who

Person 1: Um well..
Person 2: ASKED *laughs*
Person 2: bruh *walks away*

Slender: hey bbg
Girl: umm

At school....
Still nobody:
Litteraly nobody:
The "cool" kid: nobody even plays that anymore...

Annoying kids- are just ughh like stop just stop
by imliving April 4, 2022
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A frickin' kid whos under 10 who plays on xbl(xbox live) and complains/whines like a pig when he gets "pwnt" by people who can actually play because of their age.
1: Hey dude, lets back out, that little annoying kid on xbl is giving me a migraine

2: aight man.

3( little annoying kid): JuSt BeCaUsE My VoIcE Is HiGh DoN MeEn Im s373n!
by The one dude who posted this January 6, 2010
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Usually whiny and entitled. Here's how to spot one:

Male: has a mullet, obsessed with dirt bikes and trucks, plays Fortnite 24/7, watches dirt bike videos on Tik-Tok, listens to shitty country music, wears under armour, and thinks he's cool because he's friends with the richest kids in his class.

Female: has long hair, uses Tik-Tok, has the latest iPhone, listens to Billie Elish, gets offended by everything, posts on Instagram about "being depressed", drinks Starbucks everyday, posts duck lip pictures on Snapchat, wears only Acrombe and Fitch, and only hangs out with the "popular girls"
My youngest brother is an annoying kid.
by Vampira Andres July 7, 2023
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