Having a foot up a womans vigina .
i footed her cos her hole was so wide .
by boobar October 13, 2007
A foot is
1. A lego finder
2. Something you walk on
3. An insult to descibe a moronic organism.
by Stuckinrandomfandoms February 11, 2019
A tool used to find legos in the dark
Tim: I can't find my logos
Tam: Use your foot
by mr man man man man man man man February 18, 2012
A part of the body that some people have unnecessary fears of. They seem to forget that they too...have feet.
Like ew! Get your foot off of me!
by J to the enna September 9, 2003
that hoe is so loose i was footing her and she was like "is it in yet?"
by foj August 21, 2003
The art of fisting but with your feet
My friends are really into the kink, footing.
by Scattur June 15, 2019