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A unit of measurement used by hipsters in which "coolness" is determined. The more "artsy" pictures they can create they cooler they become in the realm of what is hip.

Also, a unit of measurement to determine just how self absorbed, attention needy and undateable some people actually are through the amount of selfies they put on Instagram, as if Facebook isn't enough.
Guy 1- "Whoa! That chick has about 350 selfies on Instagram."

Guy 2- "Yeah, wow, that makes her about a 7.5/10 on the undateable scale. Good luck to anyone stuck with her."

Even though that hipster has put up 200 "art" photos on Instagram that look like they were left out in the sun on the end of a coffee table and substituted as a drink coaster, he's considered the hip of the hipest now by the hipster community.
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2015

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a sick ass, psychopathic assassin, with souped up weapons and more ninja skills than sonny chiba. there's a 90% probability that he will kill your ass if you see him.
noted for being in the movie "no country for old men"
Yo, that's Anton Chigurh ova' there dogg! We betta jet 'fore he ghosts our asses!
by O.G. Junior Mint December 25, 2007

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the lowest of the low on the skank rating scale. usually reseved to the attention starved stripper type with low self esteem that's trying to get on every cock she sees not belonging to the disillusioned loser who thinks he's actually dating her and actually thinks he is her boyfriend.
Man who the fuck does that girl think she is walking around like she's all that!!?!? Meanwhile everyone knows she's nothing more than a blowjob in a parking lot!
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2008

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The most feared and elite wrestling group ever. It's best incarnation was it's original lineup of "Nature Boy" Ric flair, Ole anderson, "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard and were managed by James J. Dillion.
The group got weaker as time went on but, had some notable members in it's later days such as Barry Windham, Brian Pillman,Chris Benoit and Lex
Luger. The nWo and Dengeneration X would have never existed if it weren't for The Four Horsemen. The closest thing to The Four horsemen was Evolution in the WWE.

The Four Horseman partied like rock stars, spent a fortune, made a fortune and looked and acted like total pimps. The best thing about the Horsemen were they would all talk a ton of shit then completely back it up by kicking peoples asses and sometimes crippling them. Like they did to Dusty Rhodes on more than one occasion.
Man no one could be as cool and as bad ass as the Four Horseman. They talked the talk walked the walk kicked everyone ass and got all the women. Diamonds are forever and so are The Four Horsemen!

Man, don't mess with Ric Flair he'll get the rest of The Four Horsemen to beat your ass down!
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2008

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An expression to describe something so outrageously weird, attention baiting or deliberately absurd that only hipsters could be behind it.
A free range, organic, vegan, peanut butter and jelly taco stand?!?!? What the hip is going on here?!?!!? She claims to play lead xylophone in a Run DMC cover band. What the hip is that all about!?!!?
by O.G. Junior Mint May 26, 2015

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Word used to describe that up your ass ,annoying , vegan you may know who claims to know every thing , be superior to everyone, and condemn any meat eater alive because they are vegan. However, this same said person wears leather jackets, boots, belts and/or has leather purses/handbags.
The vegancrite condemned us to hell for eating hamburgers as she turned around and walked away in her leather motorcycle boots, leather jacket clutching her leather purse. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the how full of shit is this person meter a vegancrite is about a 15.
by O.G. Junior Mint May 26, 2015

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A term used to describe the phoney, unwarranted sense of entitlement a majority of hipsters display as if they are some ruling elite class. Even though said hipsters spending a boat load of money to look homeless (figure that one out) The hipsterocracy will insist themselves on to everything and voices their ultra self righteous, contradictory, attention baiting, opinions especially when not asked for.
Hipster- " I eat kale, have a fixed gear unicycle and a bunch of cracker jack looking tattoos. Therefore I know everything about everything."

Me- " There goes the hipsterocracy at work once again."
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2015

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