High level abilities bordering on super-natural. Not necessarily a reference to fighting ability, but can refer to any skill.
Grandmaster Flash got ninja skills.
by fireninja October 24, 2003
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Meaning you have uber 1337 abilities at everything because ninja's are totally sw33t.
My friend's got ninja skills. he's the master of picking up women.
by Lpokie November 6, 2003
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Bob has some mad ninja skills. Actually he's a ninja at heart!
by Jules November 18, 2004
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Being overly beasty and awesome.!
Example : Luci and Chase have NINJA SKILLS :) !

Thats a fact fer sure.
by SmileyLuci April 15, 2010
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to win a fight in an unorthadox yet very effective way
Did you see Matt bust out the ninja skills on Jim? I saw his brains and everything!
by Adrian Salazar May 9, 2005
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