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A cuter word for a paunch
Annie: "You have developed a big paunch in the last 3 months. Better go to the gym"
Jane: "Shhh, paunch is not a polite word. I have got a belly puff. Will flatten the puff with loads of exercises"
by NonSen December 1, 2009
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When a chat session comprises mainly of bitching about small things
Junior: Mom is on the phone bitchating with Aunt K

Dad: Whats that?
Junior: Ohh chatting on the phone and bitching about the shopping rush, weather, prices of candies.....you know the lot.
by NonSen December 22, 2009
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Getting enamoured (Wow), Wooing the person and getting married (Vow) n a jiffy. A whirlwing romance culminating in marrige in a very short time.
A: "I got Jack and Jill's wedding card. Didnt know they were going around."
B: "Its a case of Wow Woo Vow. She wowed him during the Halloween party, he wooed her all through Thanksgiving, and now they will take the Vow by Christmas."
by NonSen November 26, 2009
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Refers to a couple who've just had a baby.
A: Jack & Tina have become babyed.
B: What does that mean?
A: Jack & Tina have become parents.....Tina gave birth to her daughter yesterday.
by NonSen December 9, 2009
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Having a heart to heart (h2h) conversation with your colleague during a coffee break, while at work
A: "Susan, where have you been? The boss has been calling you"
Susan: "I was having a Coffee h2h with B"
A: "Huh?"
Susan: "Ohh a heart to heart conversation during the coffee break"
by NonSen November 25, 2009
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Female who wear skimpy clothes to show off her various cracks
B: Aha here comes Jenny
A: You mean here comes the Cracker
B: What?
A: Ohh. Her clothes show off her bust crack and butt crack rather amply. You know she's the Cracker.
by NonSen July 15, 2010
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While talking on the phone, getting the tone of your voice to sound excited when the person you are talking to is narrating something interesting in his or her life.
A; Do you realize you were on the phone for the last half hour
B: Yeah, my son was talking about his football match and I was excitoning wih him.
by NonSen November 24, 2009
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