The second deadliest enemy of the Freshness League. He uses attacks like the Hoedown, Seed Spittin, and the fearsome Huntin Dawg.
Gangsta Boy: galloping gophers, Phatman! Its......the Cracker!

the Cracker: Time far a hoedown boys! Yee Haw!
by Ninjalo January 30, 2004
Cracker, is a term of contempt for the "poor" or "mean whites," particularly of Georgia and Florida. The term dates back to the American Revolution, and is derived from the "cracked corn" which formed their staple food.
by Enufephizzy April 19, 2007
Crackers were poor white folk who lived in the south during the antebellum era. Given their name because of their staple diet of crack-corn, crackers were often hired by plantation owners in order to replace a slave in dangerous jobs. The high prices of slaves during the 1830s and 40s made It efficient to use a cracker rather than a slave. If a planter lost or injured a slave he would be pressed to buy another slave, but if the cracker got injured or died, finacially, the planter would have been unaffected. Crackers had a very low standard of living. Many of them lived in forests and dug holes in the ground to live in. despite their living conditions and their social status, crackers stilled believed they were better than the african slaves. Today, cracker is often used as a derogatory term for a white person for obvious reasons. It implies a person who lives in the utmost worst conditions and a person who no one really cares about.
Southern Women: We have some water dripping into the house. I think it is comin from the roof.
Southern plantation owner: I'll get a cracker to fix it.
by Half and Half May 7, 2008
After the Civil War,some whites were so poor they had to crack their own corn because the could not afford mill.
That cracker thinks he's high and mighty. He forgot where he came from.
by Correcta July 27, 2009
A game typically played by male teenagers where multiple guys each have crackers and try to cum onto them. The last player to cum has to eat all the other crackers with the cum on it including theirs
matt-“ yo yesterday we played an intense game of crackers at joe’s house”
bryan-“ lmao i heard bob had to eat all the cum
matt- “yea facts it was nasty”
by the_bomb98 December 5, 2018
A chemical herb which induces the powers of bliss, essentially getting one high.
Marijuana; Weed; Pot; Crackers
by The Cracker Chief October 18, 2010