The Runescape clan famous for raping eternal honour in the longest pkri in runescape history.
Did you hear about collision? I heard they tore eternal honour a new butt hole.
by Collision February 12, 2008
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A violent and rather unpleasent meeting between two football players.
In fact, collisions are the reason behind the NFL moving to flag football.
by Leo Baker November 3, 2012
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The impoverished form of an Irish Car Bomb (Bailey's dropped into and chugged from a Guinness). A head on collision is Kahlua dropped and chugged from a Busch Light.

1) Serve a shot of Kahlua
2) Drop into a cup of Busch Light
3) Chug in one gulp
"-Yo, let's do an Irish Car Bomb.
-Nah, that's too classy, I'll take a head on collision"
by InventedHOD April 22, 2009
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A fancy, and professional way of saying that you are going to ram something on the battlefield.or other situation.
man 1"Sir, what do we do? weapons systems are down and the enemy ship is tearing us apart!"
man 2 " I am gonna have to go for a tactical collision"
man 1 "Wait, you are going to ram them? you crazy!"
by cod player47,956,1234 December 14, 2016
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N. Describes the fairly common occurrence amongst literate types, in which two synonymous or near-synonymous words are spoken somewhat atop each other, resulting in the creation of such phrases as "dramastic", "grood," and "for suretain." While these phrases have been used intentionally, true thesauric collisions only result from accidental construction of such phrases.
While Leeroy was at the cocktail party, he accidentally subjected the words "sweet" and "nice" to a thesauric collision, and thus told the Swedish ambassador to the UN that his expensive new martini glass was "swice."
by TerraForce October 22, 2006
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When your dick in is a girls vagina and you take a dildo and shove in her ass and keep jamming it in until it collides with your dick.
Cheyenne was being a naughty girl last night, so I gave her an Arizona Collision.
by xxxbananas February 27, 2014
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The act of one's thighs/belly/ass-cheeks ramming against their partner's body parts during intercourse, producing a loud smacking sound.

Also synonymous with high five.
The flesh collision of my girlfriend's ass cheeks and my thighs kept our room-mate up all night.

Flesh collision, bro! *High-five*
by DatAxe October 23, 2014
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