A weekend that lacks an element of happiness and treasured company.
My weekend was quite dismal without mel.
by sweatsiemelfan September 20, 2009
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Something that one has done that is considered dismal.
CONG: "I got a C+ on the chemistry quiz."
by Kevin the Cardboard Box March 5, 2021
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An unknown artist who performs rap music.
"Yo, you heard that Dismal kid? Hes lit as fuck dog."
by RezeHere May 27, 2017
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Dismal, meaning botter and drunk, is used in RO
I'm a big ass Dismal!
by Morelli August 11, 2004
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To be in prison or caught by the police with no way out
Damn, son I aint seen you where you been? Boy I was in the dismal grips for slappin a bitch and couldn't make bail
by godchef May 26, 2010
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Beyond hopeless. Approx. 0 percent chance of success. Despairingly bleak outlook.
Your chances of getting with Natalie Portman are infinitely dismal.
by Chucklesthe3rd February 17, 2015
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