A really cool place to go hitchhiking, provided that you have a guide.
I never leave my home planet to go hitchhiking in the galaxy without my trusty guide and a towel!
by arachnosaurus July 04, 2010
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Massive grouping of stars and other celestial bodies. Many galaxys can have similar forms, such as a spiral.
The Milky Way is our galaxy, it contains appoximately, or more than 400 billion stars.
by SearchingTheStars April 11, 2004
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We live in the Milky Way galaxy. There are billions of galaxies in the universe.
by David December 07, 2003
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1. A large globule of stars and other celestial bodies. Ours is a spiral galaxy; much like the spiraling tail at the furthermost point of a hurricane.

2. The bestest chocolate available for consumption!

3. A portly woman.
1. "Man I wish I could fit my whole collection of prada bags into this pint-size galaxy" said the supermodel.

2. It's creamy, but it's not spermazoa.

3."look at the size of that galaxy; I bet she shits stars!".
by Robert Head April 18, 2007
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C5 galaxy is a huge air force cargo plane. its one of the largest aircrafts in the world
whoa thats a huge plane
by me December 04, 2004
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Another term given for sexual intercourse or a woman's vagina
I want to explore her galaxy!

Her galaxy has already been invaded by four other galactic explorers
by Ras17 June 01, 2009
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Ford's full size car line from 1959 to 1973. Trim lines included Custom 300/500, Galaxie, Galaxie 500, Galaxie 500 XL, and Sunliner convertible. Engine sizes ranged from the lowly straight six and various small blocks, all the way up to a 429 big block.

Performance peaked between 1965 and 1968 with the availability of the made-for-racing 427 Side Oiler, with solid lifters, dual 4bbl carbs, and 11.5:1 compression.
My Galaxie never gets passed by Ricers, except for at the gas station!
by DoctorThrottle October 18, 2006
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