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Used in place of 'Yeah Right', 'As if', 'Whatever'.

It is just way cooler to say it.
Person 1: Dude, you smell worse than anything my nose has ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with. I'm serious.

Person 2: Pssh.
by Newo December 04, 2004
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After being rejected for oral, this is the process of ejaculating in ones hand and throwing it at the girl, usually using the left-into-right proceedure
She wouldn't give me head so i gave her an angry congressman. I cranked with my left into my right for optimum throw range
by newo February 14, 2005
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1) Mainly used in place of swears or curses like 'oh shit', 'fuck', 'damn it', ect.

2) Could also be used as an insult. Use your imagination.
1) Yabaflikanaba, that sucks!

2) You stole my cookie, you yabaflickanaba!
by Newo December 04, 2004
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Gaf in french. Fag in french is 'pédé', thus the backwardsness.
Gaf also stands for Gay-Ass-Fucker
Oui, tu es un édép!
Voulez-vous édép avec moi ce soir?
by newo July 12, 2004
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