eat my left is a phrased used at a person who deserves utter disrespect.

when saying this at someone you are telling them to get down and worship your left nut as they are useless people. touching your right is totally unacceptable.

when using the comeback "eat my left", no matter what they say you have won the argument
Person 1: Geez you've got a head like a kicked in coke can!

Person 2: eat my left ya piece of shit
by Dewius Finn November 8, 2009
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Used for masturbatory purposes, and generally anything else that is not considered 'writing', which I am somehow only capable of doing legibly using my right hand.
'Since your handwriting looks like vomit in written form, I shall forge this with my left hand so it appears more accurate.'
by Aiden Mars April 12, 2008
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Hey my left nut hurts!
You mean your right one?
No, I mean the left one!
by augris May 27, 2009
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similar to 'suck my dick' or 'suck my cock', yet much more discreet.
"May I see your homework, Billy?" says Ms.Anderson.
"You know what Ms.Anderson? You can suck my left!" replies Billy.
Ms.Anderson replies,"What?"
"I said, 'You can suck my left!'"
"I do not understand." ends Ms.Anderson.
by Nalyr December 27, 2005
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Used to discredit your friend's claim , or to show complete disagreement.
Ex: trump is my left ball ! Don't nobody got time for his ass no mo'
by teacher kleyr June 23, 2021
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A toenail on the left of your body/if you have a extra toenail somewhere ells
My left toenail is on my foot
by hello guys i make good info October 22, 2020
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