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A dog of any breed lacking in basic table manors.
Person: Bad Dog! You're not supposed to use a salad fork for your eggs...
Dog: (vigorously licks own ass)
Person: That's more like it.
by Nettled June 5, 2004
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(Jim falls on ass) Damn that floor be one slick mother fucker
by Nettled October 22, 2003
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What stupid asses call ketchup
Stop saying catsup, it's KETCHUP!! GOT IT!!
by Nettled October 16, 2003
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A tomato based condiment used on fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and what not.

Sometimes refereed to as Catsup by ignorant fools.
Jim: Please pass the catsup
Me: What? I'll kill you, damn ignorant fool. KETCHUP!!!
by Nettled October 16, 2003
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Something that can happen with your rectum if you try to lift too much weight.
Jim tried to bench 400 lbs and that jive turkey had a blowout. Shit and intestines all over the place.
by Nettled October 22, 2003
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A device or person that generates sass.
Man: Don't be sassin me woman
Woman: boy, I do what I want, don't you be tellin me not to sass you, where was you at last night, you was with dat ho wasn't you...
Man: I can't believe I married a fucking sass machine
by Nettled February 2, 2004
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Person1: What are you doing?
Person2: Reaving, I'm a reaver.
Person1: Ok, keep up the good work.
by Nettled January 28, 2004
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