18 definitions by Nettled

A dog of any breed lacking in basic table manors.
Person: Bad Dog! You're not supposed to use a salad fork for your eggs...
Dog: (vigorously licks own ass)
Person: That's more like it.
by Nettled June 5, 2004
(Jim falls on ass) Damn that floor be one slick mother fucker
by Nettled October 22, 2003
Synonomous with poop
Jim: How's life treatin ya?
Me: Fuck you, life's a big steamy pile of poop that won't flush
by Nettled October 21, 2003
A condition that occurs when your butt is full of soupy shit and gas.

It's loud enough to be heard 3 rooms over and almost always leaves your butt covered in muddy water.

Condition usually re-occurs within 30 seconds of leaving the bathroom.
Jim nearly killed his goldfish when he had explosive diarrhea
by Nettled October 12, 2003
where birds live
You're retarded
by Nettled October 12, 2003
one who has completed training at the University of Dragon Mastery.
person1: Where do you go to school?
person2: UDM
person1: What's UDM?
person2: the University of Dragon Mastery, I'm going to master dragons for a living.
person1: Get the fuck outta here, you filthy dragon master in training.
by Nettled January 29, 2004
A device or person that generates sass.
Man: Don't be sassin me woman
Woman: boy, I do what I want, don't you be tellin me not to sass you, where was you at last night, you was with dat ho wasn't you...
Man: I can't believe I married a fucking sass machine
by Nettled February 2, 2004