18 definition by Nettled

one who has completed training at the University of Dragon Mastery.
person1: Where do you go to school?
person2: UDM
person1: What's UDM?
person2: the University of Dragon Mastery, I'm going to master dragons for a living.
person1: Get the fuck outta here, you filthy dragon master in training.
by Nettled January 28, 2004

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A car that smells like hot dogs or barbecue sauce
my chevette is a hooptie
by Nettled October 11, 2003

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one who reaves
Person1: What are you doing?
Person2: Reaving, I'm a reaver.
Person1: Ok, keep up the good work.
by Nettled January 27, 2004

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1.Someone of annoyingly low intelligence
2. See George W. Bush
The president is retarded
by Nettled October 11, 2003

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