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aka Quote Tennis.

An phenomenon commonly seen on forums where two members will endlessly smash message after message back and forth, in the hope that they will get the last word, thus supposedly proving their point.

The rest of the forum usually loathes these tireless rebutters, for their obstinance and lack of a life. Forum tennis is best avoided by fully expressing your point of view clearly in a handful of messages at most, and then leaving it at that.
JFreek420: My team is better than yours.

Athyy69: No, mine is. Prove yours is.

JFreek420: My team is clearly better. You prove they're not!

Athyy69: I'm not the one making the claim. You prove it!

20 pages later

Athyy69: I think I've clearly shown how wrong you are.

JFreek420: WRONG.

Admin: STFU, both of you. I'm sick of this pathetic forum tennis. Thread LOCKED.
by NaughtySteph January 18, 2010
The feminine version of irrumator. Latin for a woman who thrusts her penis/strapon forcefully into another's mouth, i.e. in order to face-fuck them.
Marius: I've heard it whispered that Cornelia is quite the strapon enthusiast. Is it true?

Catullus: Oh, yes, she's quite the irrumatrix. Don't get on her wrong side, or you won't be speaking for a week.
by NaughtySteph May 21, 2011
Like facesitting, this act involves the application of a woman's vagina and bottom to a prone man's face for pleasure and/or domination.

Unlike facesitting, faceslamming involves the woman straddling the man's head and then bringing her ass down hard on the man's face. Smothering, grinding down, or continuing to violently bounce-fuck his head can follow.

Care should be taken to avoid performing this act, especially on a hard surface, as it can easily lead to the man being knocked out by the woman's slamming ass.
Paul: I don't wanna sound like I was listening in on you, man, but damn... your bed was squeaking like crazy last night. You were really giving it to her, huh?

Alex: Well, she did fuck me later... But all that squeaking you heard? She was faceslamming the hell out of me.

Paul: ... Whoa.
by NaughtySteph July 18, 2011
An act of semi-public sexual exhibitionism, especially if performed by a woman.
1. "I knew a girl called Nikki, I guess you could say she was a sex fiend. I met her in a hotel lobby, masturbating with a magazine."

2. Wearing a short skirt and no knickers, while bending over to pick up a book from the lowest shelf in the library is a classic example of doing a Darling Nikki.

3. Slipping your fingers into your vagina under the table, and then slowly having the guy suck the juices in the middle of the restaurant.
by NaughtySteph September 29, 2011
Frequently used in Britain and some other English speaking countries, to mean:

1. Trickery to obtain something vital or dear to someone, especially information.

2. Thieving, stealing.

3. Getting something in a cheeky, harmless way.
1. Gordon had his personal information blagged, and before he knew it, his bank account was cleared out.

2. The scumbags blagged themselves everything from televisions to trainers during the riots. One guy even looted some Immodium, after an earlier break-in at Nandos.

3. Stephanie blagged herself a free drink by flashing some healthy cleavage to the barman, shaking her cute, tight arse as she walked away.
by NaughtySteph September 10, 2011
A woman whose sex appeal and looks blossom at an age when most women's allure is fading.

Not quite the same as a MILF, because a MILF may well have been known for her attractiveness in her youth or before she had a child.

A vorderman is a woman who was once regarded as average, dowdy, bookish or nerdy, who abruptly turns into Mrs. Robinson type figure for younger men (or women).

Named after British TV presenter, Carol Vorderman.
- Mrs Lorenzo keeps getting hotter every year. What is she? 46 now??!
- She's one fuckable vorderman, alright.
by NaughtySteph July 6, 2010
Literally "Mother Kali, give me Strength!"

Repeated as a mantra by the creepy priest Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, who thrusts his fist into people's chests and pulls out their still beating hearts before tossing them into giant lava pits.

Kali is also venerated in real life Hinduism as a death goddess, though generally not as the murderous cult depicted in the movie. Kali is also regarded as a deity of eternal energy, annihilation, time and change.
Mola Ram: Kali Ma Shakti De!
Short Round: He no nuts, he's crazy!
by NaughtySteph June 27, 2011