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Like facesitting, this act involves the application of a woman's vagina and bottom to a prone man's face for pleasure and/or domination.

Unlike facesitting, faceslamming involves the woman straddling the man's head and then bringing her ass down hard on the man's face. Smothering, grinding down, or continuing to violently bounce-fuck his head can follow.

Care should be taken to avoid performing this act, especially on a hard surface, as it can easily lead to the man being knocked out by the woman's slamming ass.
Paul: I don't wanna sound like I was listening in on you, man, but damn... your bed was squeaking like crazy last night. You were really giving it to her, huh?

Alex: Well, she did fuck me later... But all that squeaking you heard? She was faceslamming the hell out of me.

Paul: ... Whoa.
by NaughtySteph July 18, 2011
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Like facesitting but harder. Typically done by the cool girl group in high school to bully other females. Often they will squat to smash their female victims face with their disgusting asses. Typically involves farting, and making their victims kiss their asses.
Jessica and her friends took turns faceslamming Melissa in the bathroom for a half an hour. Melissa had to kiss their asses and had her face farted on by her bullies.
by Engima6782 August 17, 2018
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