Fill a toilet up with toilet paper until the paper no longer gets wet. Take a hefty shit on top off this mound of paper. The effect is that the creation cannot be simply flushed away, and must be taken out mannualy.
Ex. 1 - "This party is lame. Lets Temple of Doom these fucks, and steel the keg."

Ex. 2 - "Never invite those crazy bastards over again. They Temple of Doomed the bathrooms, and stole the keg on their way out."
by Jay Yei January 10, 2006
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Shreaded up toliet paper placed in the upper part of the toliet,enough to make it higher then the water level, and topped off with a shit log(or two)
The residents of 76 were shocked when they discovered that their toliet had become a Temple of Doom
by Michael February 10, 2005
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I.E. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Thh Temple of Doom is really the vaginal insides of celebrity Oprah Whinfrey.
In the movie, the Temple collaspes in on itself when a dam breaks. This was a real life accident that was cought on tape, and was added to the movie. The "water" was really vaginal mucus.
"I feel bad for Oprah's doctor. He was to see the Temple of Doom every year." Said James.
by Mr Evil Betty July 11, 2004
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When you are fucking a girl, and you start chanting "KALIMA" and firmly grasp her left tit, since that's where the heart is located.
Jason: I hella temple of doomed Jenny last night.

John: Duuuuude.
by QQQQQ7_QQQQQ7 February 22, 2016
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Verb. To rip the heart out of something, to utterly destroy, to win big. In reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, wherein the crazy witch doctor rips the beating heart out of the hapless native. Can be used as an acronym or full length phrase.
ToD (Temple of Doom)

"I am going to Temple of Doom you."

"I just ToD'ed your arguement"

"Wow, that chick just ToD'ed you! Haha"
by GIMMIEyoCOOOOKIES November 17, 2009
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When you nut in a chicks mouth and before she can spit it out you push up her lower jaw while pinching her nose forcing her to swallow your load. Extra points if you chant during release and call KALIMA while she swallows.
Ol' girl wouldn't swallow so I had to give the Temple of Doom. Kalima bitch.
by BDTopherD January 10, 2018
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