She is a beautifully, intelligent girl who is popular and very social. She's the nicest girl you will ever meet. She's the girl that can go up and talk to a stranger and become best friends with them. They are usually tall but very stunning and resemble models. She's an obedient rule follower. The perfect person to become friends with.
Person 1: I made a new friend today
Person 2: Was it a really pretty girl?
Person 1: Yea
Person 2: It was probably Cornelia
by mawu23na November 9, 2018
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A hot blonde who gives every guy a camel toe. Total hottie that every guy wants to bang. Cornelia's have super sexy bodies and can pull of any clothes, but best without any. They are tall and lean and are excellent kissers. Best person to tell secrets too and to ask for advice
Guy 1: Who's you hook up with?
Guy 2: This super hot chick who knows her ways in bed. She must be Cornelia
by udfreakforevaandeva January 13, 2013
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A blond hair girl with green eyes. She is unique from the other but usually nice.
Whoa, dude, did you se Cornelia
by A nice boi May 22, 2017
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She’s a fighter and she brings out the best in people, she’s emo/goth likes to listen to music all the time, if you’re in her life she makes time for you and cherish you and she will fight for you, stays up hours if you’d need her and all tho she seems scared and mean she fun and the nicest person you’ll have in your life and Cornelia will Stan up for you even if the person bigger and stronger then her she will fight back
Person1: Cornelia look someone bullying you’re friend

Cornelia: stands up for her friend and helps her out
by Selina12 September 8, 2019
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A woman’s name that means they are corny.
Hannah look at Cornelia! She is so corny.
by WyattWarriors July 2, 2020
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When a man sucks another man’s dick until he cums in his mouth, doesn’t swallow, and then spits it so far up his asshole that his anal cavity is impregnated
Holy shit did you really just pull a dirty Cornelia on your grandpa?
by Holy Hell June 20, 2021
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a place that is fundamental for a couple's history, that none of them would be able to ever visit again if they were to break up. Origin: Cornelia Street by Taylor Swift
In "Love, Victor", Brasstown Cafè is definitely Venji's Cornelia Street.
by Drew Alwyn-Swift May 30, 2022
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