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A woman whose sex appeal and looks blossom at an age when most women's allure is fading.

Not quite the same as a MILF, because a MILF may well have been known for her attractiveness in her youth or before she had a child.

A vorderman is a woman who was once regarded as average, dowdy, bookish or nerdy, who abruptly turns into Mrs. Robinson type figure for younger men (or women).

Named after British TV presenter, Carol Vorderman.
- Mrs Lorenzo keeps getting hotter every year. What is she? 46 now??!
- She's one fuckable vorderman, alright.
by NaughtySteph July 06, 2010
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A brainy milf

Origin; Countdown, Ch4, 3.15pm
Hosted by; a right twat
Improved by a sexy boffin by the name of Carol
"That teachers a right horny vorderman."
by Twizla February 02, 2005
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