5 definitions by N. D. Toilet

The most annoying piece of shit in the world. It is commonly used by attention seeking whores. Some uses for it USED to be:
Number sign
Sharp sign (in music)
Tic tac toe grid

But now thanks to twitter its a "HASHTAG". Used by annoying people.

Some people who use it:

99% of my school
Obnoxious hypocrites
Anybody I hate
Bob: #YOLO
Joe: #SWAG
Tom Ato-Brain: #WCW #MCM
Idiot: #SELFIE (which is becoming a word in the DICTIONARY)
Me: #ihateallofyou
by N. D. Toilet July 25, 2014
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2026 is a number with four digits. Upside down, its 9202. Backwards, it's 6202. What, you wanted a real definition?
by N. D. Toilet July 3, 2014
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The year where society becomes so stupid, we will start going backwards in time to 2030 B.C., and we become mindless neanderthals. 40 will be the average IQ.
Ug: Me not know why is homo sapiens become stupid?
Grunt: It 2030 now Ug, us use text word and not know punctuation.
by N. D. Toilet August 21, 2015
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When your autocorrect feels the need to annoy you. Our phones are taking over our free will to speak.
Bob: I ducking hate Joe!
Bob: God Donut I meant ducking
Bob: *ducking
Bob: Duck this phone
Bob: I'm going to jump off a ducking cliff now
by N. D. Toilet August 18, 2014
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