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Proper Noun. The new nick name for a man named Robert. Look no further to feel individualized, Roberts of the world. Make sure no one takes this nick name before you do.
Hi! My name is Robert, but you may call me Bobert.
by Marc April 04, 2005
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Using a family member's Costco/Sam's Club card, instead of the proper owner.
"I really need a case of salsa, but I don't have the cash to get s membership. Mind if I pull a "Bobert"?
by shumad1 May 13, 2012
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One whom is queer beyond all belief with many STD's and other undesireable diseases. Generally boberts have the intelligence of a vegetable and are considered "Less than Everything" -- Yes even less than dirt.
Ryan: "You queer ass bobert motha fucka!"
by t3h gEno April 30, 2005
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Portmanteau nickname of "Bob" and "Robert." Typically used in a derogatory manner and/or by the less intelligent, who think it's funny. Best used ironically in a tone of voice that sounds slightly screechy or with stereotypical "Autistic screeching" accompanying. Non-ironic case usages typically signify bad sense of humor.
Nick: Hi Bobert!
Robert: For the fifth fucking time, it's not funny! Cut that shit out!
by thethesaurusisnotadinosaur April 26, 2017
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A cool guy, gamer, loves tech, has a small group of good friends, funny, has trouble fitting in, seems weak but is very strong beneath the surface, has a fair ammount of patience and may even have a secret admirer. Pretty good looking in the face and has a fair amount of weight to him.
Friend: "How's it going, Bobert?"

Bobert: "It's going pretty good!"
by BobertTheRobot February 21, 2017
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A retard or otherwise generally or mentally incapable person. Likely to need a lot of help.
This kid is going to need some extra help in this class, he’s quite a bobert.
by Jumbo Smerritt August 21, 2018
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