A pitiful race that will most likely cause it's own extinction before its technologies fully develop.
homo sapiens died out in 2110 A.D.
by Rick Tankard August 4, 2005
A superficial, judgmental, spiteful resource devouring critter whose vast brainpower goes mostly unused. Most members of this species have a strong herd mentality. Unfortunately, the loudest members of this species have more influence over the herd than the most intelligent. In all likelihood, it will have the distinction of being a species with one of the shortest periods of survival in the history of the planet.
All other species on planet earth will breath a sigh of relief when homo sapiens dies out.
by great success April 17, 2010
Ah, yes. The homo sapien. A species nobody really understands. They have no certain location, for they spread out all around planet Earth. The are not furry, but have hair on certain parts of their body. Some have light skin and others have darker skin. Their hair can be different colors too. No two Homo sapiens look the same; unless they are a genetic mutation. They think they are smart. They have some tatcis, perform weird rituals, and are fasinated with themselves. Some are lonely, but most Homo sapiens form groups. When they become older they separate from they’re original group known as a family, and create their own family. Another form of group is a group called a “friend.” Most hate the homosapien species because of their destructive tendencies. They create things that pollute their planet and they are a huge predator to most animals. We are working on a way to get this ugly kind out of Earth.
A Homo Sapien is dangerous
by This Chihuahua Hero March 4, 2018
A modern day "Human" which is also a Homo Sapien which is a human being in which lives on
planet earth which is in the solar system, in the Milky Way galaxy which is in a cosmo,
that is in side a universe in which there could be multiple universes.

You know im dragging this out for humour, why are you still reading this?
Randy:"You see Sarah yesterday?"
Waldo:"Yea she didn't look like a Homo Sapien."
by Callthefeds February 20, 2018
the term people with god complex's use to sound superior above everyone
let us test how the homo sapien responds to this
by Fagarian October 4, 2018