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A pitiful race that will most likely cause it's own extinction before its technologies fully develop.
homo sapiens died out in 2110 A.D.
by Rick Tankard August 04, 2005
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A modern day "Human" which is also a Homo Sapien which is a human being in which lives on
planet earth which is in the solar system, in the Milky Way galaxy which is in a cosmo,
that is in side a universe in which there could be multiple universes.

You know im dragging this out for humour, why are you still reading this?
Randy:"You see Sarah yesterday?"
Waldo:"Yea she didn't look like a Homo Sapien."
by Callthefeds February 19, 2018
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A superficial, judgmental, spiteful resource devouring critter whose vast brainpower goes mostly unused. Most members of this species have a strong herd mentality. Unfortunately, the loudest members of this species have more influence over the herd than the most intelligent. In all likelihood, it will have the distinction of being a species with one of the shortest periods of survival in the history of the planet.
All other species on planet earth will breath a sigh of relief when homo sapiens dies out.
by great success April 16, 2010
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Its a term to describe modern man.

1.5 to 2 million years ago there was Homo- habilis. The earliest form of man. He was the first 'great ape'

500,000 years ago lived Homo Erectus (he walked on 2 legs)

Then came the Neanderthal (about 100,000-30,000 years ago). They were very primitive and animalistic, but they lived in groups, wore clothing, used fire and made basic hunting tools

Next was cro-magnum (40,000-10,000 years ago) There cranial features were elongated to allow for a larger brain, more evolved tools and grinding rocks and the developers of religion.

So, really, we are all, well, homo. (Actually, the root "homo" means "man" and the root "sapien" means "being." So, human being.)

And now, modern man living today is called Homo Sapiens.
Human beings are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species "homosapien" in the family Hominidae (the great apes).
by alex baby December 29, 2007
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Scientific name for the fleshy, pink, carbon based creatures that currently have the most dominance over all other sentient beings on the planet known as Earth.

Where homosapiens originated from has still yet to be discovered, that is if they are in fact either descended from apes, procured from dirt by some form of a God, or if they were an alien race that crash landed here several millenia ago and completely lost all of their previous history.

Homosapiens are an interesting form of creature due to their excessive liking for percieving themselves as of any higher importance to some sort of destiny they would like to fancy themselves a part of. They generally like to worship multiple forms of Gods since they all can't seem to agree on a single one to celebrate. The Gods they worship seem to neglect them and leave them to feel as if they are helping each other by praying to their all powerful illusions.

Homosapiens also seem to enjoy warfare and crime. Rather than agreeing to quiet down and be at peace with their so called "individual races", they would rather blast their entrails all over their poorly made walls with an array of creative weapons that seem to be generally used more for destroying each other than helping each other. They also like to always have a much bigger stick than anyone else, which is why they created several thousands of intensely high grade explosives which could kill all life on the planet hundreds of times, and earn them all a one way ticket to hell.

Along with liking to have a bigger stick than everyone else, they are also obsessed with their sticks in general. They like to over use their methods of reproduction due to their obsessive impulses to feel generally loved. More or less, En Masse, all homosapiens want nothing more than to be better than everyone else for no reason whatsoever, even if it means only they will benefit, and they only want to feel potential of being an entire human being without having any of their encouragement lost.

The best thing that can be said about homosapiens is that they are where God went wrong.
Foreign Creature: I went to visit Earth last week. They shot at me, tried to capture me, hundreds tried to use ancient radios to talk to me, and millions of people surrounded my craft and tried to drag me out and KILL me! But I did get some New York Pizza.

Foreign Creatures rather nice companion: Oh yes you will have to be careful around any Homosapien , they are generally destructive, greedy and full of their shallow and worthless pride of actually figuring out how to cook their own meals after ten million years of evolution, the ungrateful brutes. Hey, pizza! From New York too, you're too kind!
by Naieydo November 13, 2008
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