Acronym for "Man-Crush Monday," popular on Instagram.
OMG, did you see the picture of Chad Michael Murray she posted on Insta? #MCM
by hollabackgirl43 August 13, 2013
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MCM means "Man crush Monday". That means every Monday. they find a man that has the sexiest body and has the most abs. And post it on Insta Snapchat Facebook and Twitter. This hastag or whatever you wanna call it has gone viral sence.
May: Did you see that post on Monday.

Amy: What was it.
May: My MCM.
Amy: What is an MCM cause if that's an online thing girl hook me up cause I need a man.
May: Girl no, clicked on Insagram you see that man I posted on my page.
Amy: Yeah
May:Well thats my bae my man crush monday.
Amy:Ayyy, I love this girl right here. Where has she been.
May: You stupid.
by BreThaSaver December 27, 2016
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The definition of ones love for a man on Monday. I really have no other words to describe this.
"Dude your perf. You are now officially my MCM (Man Crush Monday)."
by GirlOfTheDay June 8, 2014
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An indoor drumline from Nashville, TN
Music City Mystique has won multiple PIW titles.
MCM is my favorite indoor drumline

I'm going to march at MCM next season.
by mgmtkidsss May 14, 2009
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Spider-Man: Far From Home is going to kick off the MCM so the X-Men can join the MCU.
by PerfectSlacker May 7, 2019
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Mid Century Modern - used on sites selling used items.
MCM TV trays.
by Justahelp May 19, 2022
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