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A dispicable act using a hanger.
I gave that bitch an asshock when she fell asleep I cant have a baby.
by Morgan December 22, 2004
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after a person passes out at a party, take a marker pen and write all over their face.
after drinking too much, jason passed out and his friends chiefed him.
by Morgan October 8, 2003
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A silly, ignorant, or non-thinking person.
Dingo:What are pickles made out of?
by Morgan February 5, 2005
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expression used when someone has done something really dumb.
Courtney trips and falls on her face
Morgan says "good wiiin"
by Morgan October 30, 2003
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This phrase originates from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. Heard in the halls of HCI, this phrase was originally used to mock Jared Klimosko, whose nickname is "Bird." Cody Spence and Richard Harbison are the ones responsible for starting this idiotic trend.

Why was this phrase created? Bird just wouldn't sit down.
Richard: Birdgie! Sit down!
Bird: No.
Cody: Birdgie!
Richard: Birgie!
Cody: Birgie!
Richard: Birdgie.
Cody: Birgie.
Richard: Birdgie.
Miss Philips: Would you two shut the hell up?
Richard: Birdgie.
(Bird sits down.)
by Morgan February 20, 2005
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the act of jamming your big toe up the ass of another and then cram the shitified toe down the persons throught
by Morgan October 25, 2003
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Hot, Sweet, Funny, Thoughtful, Caring, Baller, Fun to talk with, baby Boo, cute smile, Can be a bully mostly not lol..in love with JoJo
Huggybear wont be online for a while because hes gone on vacation.
by Morgan March 25, 2005
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