73 definitions by Morgan

Just a feeling that comes over you. Not necissarily sexual but can be. Like CRUNK but not Lame.
Something yelled to express delight

Developed in Dodds hall at Antioch College.
I'd THRUST for art
by Morgan December 09, 2004
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a handjob thats to intense to handel.orgasmic and to hot to handle trust me your bone will be hard
"yo man i got a nice ass mak job"
"Damn that makjob was hott my dog spit up twice"
by Morgan March 09, 2005
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A hand job that makes you dog spit up
hard and fast;nice a cool
"damn son that was a nice makjob"
by Morgan March 09, 2005
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The best band in the world. Lead singer/bass guitar Tyson Ritter is the hottest man alive! They have awesome talent and anyone who disses them needs to shut the fuck up!
by Morgan October 18, 2003
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The bestest movie in the world, the craft is a bad ass movie, you should watch it sometime
by Morgan October 14, 2003
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Part of moco, a very tricky place for those less educated to navigate. A retirement area for a lot of hippies, therefore a place where people smoke quite a bit of weed.
"Yo, you chillaxin' in tkpk tonight?"
"Yeah man, it'll take us 2 hours to find our way in there but we gon smoke some crucial buddah"
by Morgan December 06, 2004
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