73 definitions by Morgan

1. a non homosexual, yet still affectionate, relationship between men.

2. a type of relationship to be celebrated by society (although the non-platonic version should be celebrated to a greater extent).
1. "You bought a widescreen T.V. for football night?!? Dude, I love you!" (often followed by a manly hug)

2. "I saw Brad and Mike hugging each other and got super excited because I thought they were together. Too bad it just turned out to be platonic man love..."
by Morgan November 27, 2004
A term created in the true north, by female students at a tech school, used to describe the application of a body lotion or creme.
Katie, when you are done lotionizing, would you want to watch a movie?
by Morgan January 23, 2005
The relatives of an inbred.
"I reckon that as it's your tenth birthday, Jodie Ann, I should tell yee a few thangs about who lives here with us, cousin Billy Bob here is your kinfolk, IN FACT, he's your brother, uncle, and husband too."
by Morgan October 17, 2003
lissie is like the greatest girl I know. She's always been there for me. seriously, if anyone thinks differently, than you've got problems.
she totally saved me from getting used by my hot ex.
by Morgan February 24, 2005
Superior organism, the short form of 'more than an organism'. A shining beacon of masculinity, an inspiration to all and fantasy for many
Morgan is a morganism beyond compare
by Morgan January 10, 2005
oww.. like a that bun over there
by Morgan June 30, 2004
expression used when someone has done something really dumb.
Courtney trips and falls on her face
Morgan says "good wiiin"
by Morgan October 30, 2003