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An older male who hits on or dates younger women.
(Male version of a Cougar)
Looks like Stacey hooked her self up with a Dingo.
by Shane Sellar September 22, 2005
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Australian wild dog.
<i>Canis lupus dingo</i>
A pure wild dog, evolved from wolf origins but never domesticated by humans.
Thought to have come to Australia around 5000 years ago via asia.
Dingos are excellent hunters and scavengers.
They will take any vulnerable prey even unguarded human children.
For this reason Dingos are both feared and admired in Australia.
Factoid: Dingoes do not bark.
Dingoes were bought to the worlds attention when one took a tourist's child near Ularoo.
"A Dingo's got baby!"
-- Lindy Chamberlain 1980
by Visto January 09, 2004
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Old men, on viagra, usually 40+ who date much younger women. The male version of a cougar. Works both ways, he gets a younger woman and she gets materials like computers.
You see that old dingo with that chick. yuck
by map28381 January 27, 2008
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A dirty old dog that preys on younger meats when his partner isn't looking.
A young female got seduced by a dingo whilst on holiday
by Gandalf1988 May 11, 2016
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A man who is reputed for performing oral sex on a pregnant woman.Aptly named in reference to wild dingoes eating young children.
Dave:So yesterday I went down on my wife.
Sam:Dude,isn't she pregnant?
Dave:Yeah there's just something about being that close to my unborn child...
Sam:Dude you're such a filthy dingo!
by Ozlacs August 17, 2010
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