An older male who hits on or dates younger women.
(Male version of a Cougar)
Looks like Stacey hooked her self up with a Dingo.
by Shane Sellar September 23, 2005
The thing that ate your baby.
"Maybe the DINGO ATE YOUR BABY!!!!"
by Jeffrey Gillespie September 6, 2008
A dirty old dog that preys on younger meats when his partner isn't looking.
A young female got seduced by a dingo whilst on holiday
by Gandalf1988 May 10, 2016
The male version of a "Cougar."

An old man that goes after younger girls.
Ohh man he's a Dingo.
by like3its6quidditchg6 December 22, 2010
A man who is reputed for performing oral sex on a pregnant woman.Aptly named in reference to wild dingoes eating young children.
Dave:So yesterday I went down on my wife.
Sam:Dude,isn't she pregnant?
Dave:Yeah there's just something about being that close to my unborn child...
Sam:Dude you're such a filthy dingo!
by Ozlacs August 17, 2010
As in Packing a lip or a Dingo. (Chewing Tobacco)

There are Baby dingos, teen dingos, momma dingos, papa dingos and grandpa dingos. Biggest to smallest.

Anyone can pack a Dingo.
Hey Nick, do you have then tin? Want to pack a baby dingo while we walk over to his house?
by Sevvyyyy April 22, 2011
A clingy, stalker-ish boy who is both socially awkward and outlandish in romantic situations. Dingos are known to give countless ultimatums, have problems with drug/alcohol and have issue with rejection.

Dingo applies strictly to men, where as a woman with the same characteristics is known as a Wombat.

Women who attract Dingos are often referred to by many names most notably D.J. ("Dingo Jockey" or "Dingo Junky").
by June 7, 2010