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A sultry and exotic looking woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. An Elissa is a rare kind of woman who is widely known for her great personality and warmheartedness. She is an exceptionally goodnatured person who has an unparalleled ability to light up anyone's life. Elissas are also known for their unsurpassing cooking skills...and dance skills. A person you won't ever forget. If you happen to meet an Elissa, consider yourself extremely lucky.
Wow, that woman is incredible...she must be an Elissa.
by B@d@ass September 18, 2008
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Elissa Is A Girl's Best Friend! She Is More Like A Sister. You Can Tell Her Anything And She Will Keep It. She Has An Amazing Laugh That Is Contagious. She Is Very Sweet , Kind , And Chill. She Is Lit. She Is Gorgeous And Slays Your Life. And If You Got An Elissa Never Lose Her. You Would Never Get A Friend Like Elissa. You Love Her.
Elissa Is Amazing!
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by Alexis 💖 February 26, 2017
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An Elissa is the kind of girl you never want to let go. She is very beautiful, intelligent, has a good sense of humor... and is the all around package! She has an amazing personality and you should never break her heart. If you have an Elissa, stay with her forever. She is one of a kind. Very unique. Elissa has a great smile, an amazing figure, and is good at dancing. An Elissa is the most beautiful girl in the world. If you fall in love with an Elissa, she will be perfect in every aspect to you. She will always keep you smiling. An Elissa normally has Blue-Green eyes that you could stare into and get lost forever. An Elissa is almost always has long, blonde hair. She is a great kisser and knows how to keep her man satisfied.
Wow, her name must be Elissa, she is perfect.
by Josh-M May 11, 2013
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Elissa is a girl that is just .. woah! She is gorgeous And slays your life. She is chill and very lit. She is super funny and super smart. Like she has this laugh that is contagious. She always has this smile on her face and is always positive. She is a best friend that you could never replace. If you got an Elissa don't lose her because you'll never find a friend as good as her
Elissa is my best friend!
by Alexis 💖 March 01, 2017
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bad ass sexy tall girl with big lips big butt and big boobs. will always be there for you ... has the body of a stripper and model
"I wish i was an Elissa"
by YamYam Lovely March 07, 2009
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A goddess of tragic love that originated from Canada. This goddess represents chaos and is often referred to as the "anarchist goddess". She is often represented by the colour red. Female worshipers may even wear red lipstick to honor Elissa. This goddess is known to be a great inspiration, a muse even at times, but she also has a vengeful side.

Elissa is often worshiped at train tracks, empty fields, or abandoned graveyards. Another symbol known to represent this goddess is an eye with feather lashes.
"That woman has an eye tattoo and is wearing red lipstick-- she must be an Elissa worshiper!"
by London Poison April 14, 2010
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The Most amazing Person on this decaying planet.
Normally involved with The circus, crazy lesbian vampire chicks and Cullens
A Male with the possible name of Elissa is a person who has failed at life.
An Elissa is a loved person by all of her friends.

by shelley, Mitchel June 20, 2008
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