It means a really good person who is very positive, friendly and is like your family.

Term was introduced by Youtuber Baylen Levine with +100k subscribers. Later he revealed that the word was insipired by a little kid that he knew, whoes last name was Benitez.
by Ben dover B====D April 24, 2019
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A hairstyle with over 80% receeding hairline, such that the man looks half bald, if it were not for a 'tuft' of hair in the centre.

Made famous by Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez.
Gary, that guy has a Benitez too.
by Gary Finny June 14, 2005
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To find excuses when the only excuse is ones own ineptitude. A direct opposite of a Moyes.
"Look at that moaning cunt going on again, blaming 12 o clock kick offs. What a Benitez"
by Oldmangaz December 10, 2007
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A person who is laughably bad at his/her job, but refuses to acknowledge it, preferring to cast the blame onto other members of his staff.
"C'mon, Mr. Ryans, I can't work with a benitez like Martin."
by Casske July 30, 2006
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The biggest like-whore on the internet. Posts demented pictures of dying children and disabled people with the sole mission of getting likes and subscriptions to make money. He is hated by many people on the internet who continually wage war against him and his barbaric pictures. He must be banned from the internet.
"Hey, did you see that picture of the child with Progeria on your news feed?"

"Yes, it was from that swaggot, Stif Benitez."
by KiillZemAwll August 11, 2012
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coolest kid in school, loves minecraft, shrek enthusiast, smooth with the girls, & everything in between
Sebas Benitez has my heart
by baylen.kyle.peej April 27, 2020
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