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A word invented by the coolest girl ever.
"Elissa is so escellent because she made up this word."
by morgan March 27, 2005
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a handjob thats to intense to handel.orgasmic and to hot to handle trust me your bone will be hard
"yo man i got a nice ass mak job"
"Damn that makjob was hott my dog spit up twice"
by morgan March 10, 2005
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A hand job that makes you dog spit up
hard and fast;nice a cool
"damn son that was a nice makjob"
by morgan March 10, 2005
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Originally used or coined as such on FurryMUCK.
Used when happy to see someone or as stated in other definitions 'Wow that person is hot!' Also in a greeting or showing surprise, questioning.. See other definitions for alternate usage.
Usually used by a mustelid character; Skunk, badger, mink, weasel, ferret..etc. Not to be confused with YIFF.
Morgan has arrived.
Har'lea'quinn MEEPS!
(Har'lea'quinn is a friend.)
Morgan meeps in surprise as he's pounced!
by morgan April 1, 2005
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Often used to interrupt awkward silences. Can be translated to "Start talking bitches."
John: "So I'm gay..."
Jack: "..."
Bill: "Oh... yeah?"
John: "Yeah..."
Jack: "Cool..."
Bill: "..."
Jack: "..."
John: "Meow."
Jack: "Right. So who watched the game last night?"
by morgan December 17, 2004
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The vengeful act of deficating at the front door of someone's house.
As an added bonus the feces may be picked up and thrown on the door. Gloves recommended.
That sucker messed with me for the last time, he's gonna get a midnight steamer !!
by morgan August 16, 2003
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a southern rapper who bases his entire career around his name.
Just listen to any of his few singles, and he says his name like it is some kind of verb, its annoying. then he has the nerve to have good beats and people think he hot, but he is not.
by morgan April 22, 2005
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