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To plan or plot especially to do harm.
He would machinate with really considerable energy.
by Monchie~ February 2, 2022
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To be forced into making a difficult decision or answer a difficult question
She put me "on the spot" by asking for a ride for a friend. That bitch!
by Monchie~ May 6, 2021
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The study of life beyond the earth's atmosphere, as on other planets.
by Monchie~ May 11, 2018
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To travel in time! A shortcut in world traveling.
If I could tesser anywhere it would be the day I said goodbye to my father. I would never let go!
by Monchie~ March 14, 2018
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Whatever the reason, she felt compelled to answer flippantly.

So many people have a flippant attitude about skin cancer!
by Monchie~ February 2, 2022
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1) being, lying, or operating under the

suface of the earth.
2) existing or working in secret: Hidden
secret concealed HIDDEN
A subterranean network of criminals!
by Monchie~ July 14, 2019
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